Proseries PROBELT Tool Belt for Car Wrapping

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Introducing the PROBELT Magnetic Tool Belt, an innovative solution designed to revolutionize the way installers carry and manage their tools. Crafted from durable Nylon, this belt is built to last and withstand the rigors of daily use in any installation environment. The PROBELT's standout feature is its metal-free, clasp-free design, which uses a unique sliding magnetic grip for a secure, adjustable fit around the waist, accommodating sizes from 32” to 48”.

Key Features:

  • Magnetic Sliding Grip: Securely attach your tool pouch to your waist without the need for clasps or buckles. The PROBELT's magnet system allows for quick detachment and reattachment, perfect for on-the-go adjustments.
  • Pivoting Tool Pouch: Equipped with magnets at the top, the pouch pivots as you move, preventing tools from spilling while leaning or bending. This flexibility ensures your tools are always within reach, without the risk of dropping them.
  • Versatile Attachment: The strong magnetic hold supports excessive weight and can be attached over clothing. Easily move the pouch from your waist to a car or metal scaffolding, keeping your tools handy wherever you work.
  • Organized Tool Storage: The pouch features a deep center pocket with divisions for your most-used tools, three outer pouches for additional storage, and a loop for hanging a spray bottle or torch. This layout ensures you can access your tools quickly and efficiently.
  • AirTag-Compatible: Never lose your tool belt again. A specially designed small pouch within the large pocket accommodates a tracking device (such as an AirTag, not included), enabling you to locate your belt instantly if misplaced.
  • Durable and Comfortable: Made from high-quality Nylon with a Velcro affixed belt, the PROBELT is not only durable but also comfortable for all-day wear. The Paint is Dead and ProSeries branding adds a professional touch to the belt's appearance.

Whether you're an installer who values efficiency, organization, or simply the convenience of having your tools accessible and secure, the PROBELT Magnetic Tool Belt is the perfect addition to your work gear. Upgrade your tool management system today and experience the ultimate in convenience and reliability