Proseries PROBELT Tool Belt for Car Wrapping

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The PROBELT is a durable, Nylon built belt, free of any metals or clasps for affixing to the waste. The PROBELT uses a sliding magnetic grip to attach the actual tool pouch to the waist of the installer. The magnets at the top of the tool pouch allow for the pouch to pivot slightly as the installer leans over, or from side to side, to ensure tools don't spill out and can quickly be detached from the magnetic grip on the waist, and placed on car or metal scaffolding in front of the installer if needed. The magnet(s) hold an exorbitant weight and allow attaching to the waist over a shirt. Within the tool pouch, installers will find a deep center pocket with divided areas for quick access or highly used tools, three outer pouches for an assortment of other needs, and a loop for a spray bottle or torch. Lastly, we have created a small pouch within the large pocket for a tracking device (most popular AirTag) to be installed (no tracking device included) so that if the installer misplaces the tool bag, or leaves behind, they will be alerted immediately.Nylon Belt, with Velcro, affixed, fits waist sizes 32”-48”. The belt comes with one sliding, Paint is Dead, branded magnetic grip, and nylon tool bag, with Paint is Dead and ProSeries branding.