PROGLIDE 90 - PPF Clear Bra Installation Squeegee

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Introducing the ProSeries ProGlide 90, a revolutionary squeegee designed for the meticulous application of clear bras, window tints, and paint protection films. Engineered with a 90-degree silicone rubber edge, this tool offers unparalleled precision, flexibility, and efficiency in all your wrapping projects. Its professional-grade TPU rubber composition ensures a gentle yet effective touch on any surface, making it the ideal companion for both novice and professional installers. 

The ProGlide 90 stands out for its lightweight design, exceptional surface contact, and ease of storage, embodying the ultimate solution for seamless, scratch-free applications. With its soft rubber scraper blades, you can trust the ProGlide 90 to protect your vehicle’s finish while providing a flawless installation experience. Equipped with a durable 6.5mm thick blade, this high-quality squeegee excels in paint protection film installations, ensuring your vehicle remains pristine. Choose the ProSeries ProGlide 90 for a top-tier tool that delivers on its promise of quality, performance, and satisfaction." Size: 2.5” x 3.25”H

Product Highlights: 

90-Degree Silicone Rubber Edge: Offers unmatched precision and flexibility. Professional TPU Rubber: Ensures a gentle, effective application on all surfaces.

Lightweight and Ergonomic: Easy to handle, with superior surface contact and convenient storage. Scratch-Free Application: Soft rubber scraper blades protect vehicle surfaces and films. 

High-Quality Construction: Durable, 6.5mm thick blade designed for professional use. 

Versatile Use: Ideal for car vinyl wraps, PPF coatings, window tints, water wiping, and glass cleaning.