PROGLIDE 60 - PPF Clear Bra Installation Squeegee

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Elevate your detailing craftsmanship to professional standards with the Paint is Dead PROGLIDE Squeegee Scraper. Precision-engineered for the enthusiast and the expert alike, this professional-grade tool is the cornerstone of any project that demands perfection. From seamless vinyl wraps to streak-free water wiping and crystal-clear glass cleaning, the PROGLIDE is your go-to for precision, efficiency, and unparalleled results. Crafted from premium TPU rubber, the PROGLIDE offers an unbeatable combination of flexibility and durability. Its lightweight design and optimal surface contact ensure effortless maneuverability and efficiency across every use. The squeegee’s soft rubber blade is designed to glide smoothly over delicate surfaces, guaranteeing a scratch-free application every time. With a robust durometer rating of 90 and a substantial thickness of 6.5mm, this tool doesn’t just perform—it lasts. Product Size: 4” x 3.25”H

The PROGLIDE comes in two tailored options: the PROGLIDE 60, featuring a 60-degree angled tip for exceptional handling around the most challenging PPF corners, and the PROGLIDE 90, designed for a perfect hand fit, enhancing grip and minimizing slippage for precise, effortless applications. Why settle for anything less when you can choose the ProSeries PROGLIDE? 

Tailored for Precision: Choose between PROGLIDE 60 for unmatched corner navigation and PROGLIDE 90 for optimal handling. Each model is designed with attention to detail, ensuring your projects are completed with precision and ease. 

Unrivaled Quality: Endorsed by Paint is Dead, the PROGLIDE meets the highest industry standards. Its unmatched durability and effectiveness make it the first choice among professionals. 

Versatile Excellence: Ideal for cars, motorcycles, and more, the PROGLIDE excels in any vinyl wrap task. Experience its superior performance and understand why it stands out from the competition. 

The ProSeries PROGLIDE is not just a tool; it's a testament to quality, designed to elevate your wrap applications to professional heights. Trusted by industry leaders and recommended by professionals, this squeegee set is your key to achieving flawless results with every application. Opt for the ProSeries PROGLIDE for your next project and experience the difference in quality, efficiency, and performance. Embrace the professional's choice—embrace perfection.